Business Trip Adventure

Business tour may consistently bring you a great deal of experiences... and a lot of lovemaking! The game begins with you having a call - tickets have been ordered so you have to fly at another portion of the world to get a business journey. Don't worry - yoy will be given with manual and hotel... which usually means you will have a lot of sexy women about you! Actually you won't be solving as much of your operating porblems as trying to get laid with each sexy woman you may fulfill. Not everybody will allow you to play her boobs or perform something else - you will have to alk them and have some patience also. By way of instance even if you will provide enough complements to the maid in the hotel you nevertheless will need to watch for her working change to be over until she'll care for your large hard pink cigar. Sooner or afterwards you will fuck all of them!

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Let’s Play Potions

One more mixing game from MrPinku - this time you are supposed to attempt yourself as a sorcerer and create some really awesome potiuons from different ingridients! But don't wait for triton's pawes or the eyes of eagle - here potions will be simply included by the process of creating potion. Just choose one potion, then another one and one longer and combine these 3 elements in the large cauldron. And enjoy because that is the point what effect they'll provide ofcourse. The Book of recepies are also accessible so that you might check which mix you have attempted and make the when you did not yet or you can just create the ones with the most interesting effects to enjioy their magical yet time. If you loved this kind of gameplay then you should check our website for much more hentai games with mixing up gameplay.

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Meet and Fuck Detective RPG

Our hero is a young and promising detective Paul McClain. He has to find a daughter of a rich landowner today. You should go to Springfield with him. There are lots of sexy girls who are his daughter by the era. But it isn't likely to be an easy excursion, numbers of sex experiences are waiting for you. You must discover.

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