Booty Call – Episode 6 Real booty call

This time"Booty call" is for real! Since sequence 6th is title"Actual booty call". Once again you gonna combine Jake in his pursuit for hot women to fuck with. But tonight that he comes to the pub and... there aren't any hot chicks whatsoever! So what is he gonna do next? Well, he's gonna make use of some strategic resourses - he is gonna phone one of those bitches he hasn't known for quite some time or have not intended to call . There will five of smartphone numbers to choose from - each has a damsel on the opposite end. Just select one and see where that this smartphone call will lead Jake! Each doll will have adifferent reaction and therefore don't be astonished if you will not get hook-up in the first attempt... or when Jake will get blessed more than once tonight! BUt if you are playing game sonly to observe credits then just call no one.

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