Rouge the Bat

Sonic Inflation Adventure

The game commences with a moment when main hero (that is the participant ofcourse) wakes up in room which resembles his own but he knows it isn't his room for some reason. The next thing he finds out about this morning cranks out him even more - he was changed into Sonic! Yeah, the blue hedgehog out of a videogame Sonic! May be he shouldn't playing too much videogames the evening before? Or may be this is going to be the biggest venture of his life? Well, this question will need to wait because Knuckles is calling and wanst to know whether Sonic (who is now you!) Are going to accompany him at the casino tonight by which they might get a duo hot chicks and have fun with them all night long. And these girls will be Amy or even Rouge - yes, so you'll have an opportunity to choose which one you like more...

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