Pussymon: Episode 06

Oneof the earlier sequence of supreme Pussymon saga because now it's dozens and dozens of stories and mots of those you can already get from our website. But if you are interested in how it's started or you heard of this series before and just commencing to play it then that reupload of older scenes will be quiet usefull to you personally. So get ready for sequence 6 - The Halloween Land. Right in the title screen you know that thsi will be a really special scene and you're right - writer has created original pussymon for this stoy that will later fit in the main story. Ofcouse new pussymons to your collections and side quests remain here. As new animations, locations, sexcards and abilities! It's time to catch them... and fuck all of them!

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Pussymon: Episode 32

If you thought that has passed quite some time since your team of pussmon hunters has got fresh faces joined then you really should not miss this sequence! Incidentally it's gig 32 and it's titled as"Lindsay, the Archeologyst". You and your friends come back to the Pussymon Hunter Society and Master Oswald is waiting for your staff in his room. Among all the latest reports about Hydragodon (you have played preceding scenes of the game series, do not you?) One is worth checking for. Plus it has arrived out of Lindsay, the archeologyst and also well-known accomplished of Hydragodon. But if you feel that you can visit your own and get all of the information you want then you're confused - there should be adventures and a quest in games similar to this one! And quests and experiences you will get...

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Pussymon 10

For anyone who understands that are always new pussymons to cath comes new chapter of Pussymon saga - Episode ten: The Anniversary! About the 10th scene you and your buddies finally reach the Pussymon Hunter Society! And seems like your friends are gonna like this area a whole lot! What ? Being a part of society such as this means not only getting dorm rooms to ease off but also a higher class of missions as well! And rules. Naturally there will be some rules... In terms of the gaemplay mechanic then you need to very likely know all about it by this second - it has been nine matches already! Get quests, accomplish assignments, make cash , explore the planet and of course cath crazy and hot pussymons! Particularly once you own 37 pussymons and 47 revived sexcards to collect!

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