Sexy Threesome

Lucy, May and Lindsey are three young and sexy gfs who doesn't mind to switch their friendship in g/g love mode sometimes. And one of the times is what you will see within this fresh epsidoe of erotic 3D games series"Christie's Room". Story will be shown as some type of comics that are interactive to you. But you'll have to not simply turning the pages from thsi game transition from 1 scene into anotehr is created in much more ways. You select one of chracters to produce the narrative to go or will have to click on object. Sometimes you will nee dto find activity zone and hold your mouse button on it. And don't worry - usually you will get some hints so barely something will distract you for too lengthy from lovin’ these ladies trio are playing with their kinky games with each other.

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Taboo Trailer Park

Her mother and sexy blonde daughter are having sex in their trailer. What they need to do with every other -- some things can be chosen by you. Later arrives their father and decide to join them.

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Sexy Shell Game

You came in a shop to get some DVD's. But you learnedthat you had money to purchase one CD. Good for you the assistant is a gambler and he suggests you another means - to play game. Your target is to guess which shell retains the ball, when all shells are mixed. Take a chance!

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