GD: Perfect Negotiations

In this game you will understand Peter's story. He's pretty succesfull in his occupation while he is young enough he's already a mind supervisor at one of the most significant packaging production businesses. Using what abilities he got himself into position like this? Well, he is extremely good in regards to discussions. Even if he will have to bring some rather private and intimate elements into negotiations process. And it occurs to be a discussions with the other masculine Peter nevertheless prepared to move further than any one of his co-workers because he doesn't mind about having hook-up with othe rguy whatsoever... particularly when it will bring not only pleasure for him but also a biz success to his firm! And you can take a close look at his methods if you dare to play this game!

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Gay Dreams: Pizza Deliver

You're a typical clerk. You came home after a hard day's work. At home there is very not much food and you determine to order pizza delivery. On the desk you discover the phone of this pizzeria. You put an order and wait for delivery. The doorbell rings. You open and see that the pizza delivery guy. This is really a young boy with a hilarious hairstyle. Pizza delivery prices $15, but you cover 20. The boy is interested in the reason why you are so generous and you invite him to go in the palace. When drinking a little beer, then you still sense sexual desire has arisen inbetween you personally. First, you begin to stroke the guy on your mind. And after that you smooch him on the lips... If you want games and homo storiesthen start playing at this time.

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Watch out behind you hunter

If you are interested in hot, hot and lustful universe of adult hentai flash games, then you got to the perfect place at the right moment. On our site you can find adult flash game for every preference. There are arcade and puzzles and adventures and quests. All games have a history. Just enjoy the games. On our site all games are free. Let me inform you about this particular adult flash game - that the lone hunter for large game got dropped in the deep dark woods. He's got a shotgun and a few bullets. Your primary mission in this humorous sport - would be to help the hunter escape the woods. But be cautious. The forest is inhabited by vicious homosexuals. And if they capture a hunter then fuck him in the ass. Carefully read the directions to the game and Connect and revel in adult hentai games at the moment.

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