Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.08)

This game has a name"Con-Quest!" For a motive. It will take place during the seminar of cosplayers which brings in the"Con-". You will have a mission which lightly could be known as a"Quest". And there will be an effort of some conquest which a few evil witch will attempt to accomplish by using her powers and egtting all of teh sexy cosplayers under her magic influence! And this mentioned earlier pursuit of yours will be to stop her evil plans from happenning... and to save all the uber-cute looking and sexy clad cosplayers ofcourse! In case the process of fighting possessed cosplayers you may occur todmagae their costumes afterward... you will got more hot content for your ingame gallery! Have fun and help everybody else you can in thsi fresh escapade game!

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Katies diaries Ep. 6

Want to know more about sexy woman Katie and her personal life? Then you need to check her diary! And this will be the 6th time you are permitted to take a sneak peek! In this event you will figure out about what happened on another morning after Katie and her bff Brandy were in the night bar. You'll be amazed by the looks of Brandy... particularly in case you remember what she was performing last night (and if you do not recall or haven't played preceding episodes then you should really check them ). Looks like Katie is surprised - her experiences last night was far more quiet yet she is the person who got the headache in the morning. However, this can be new day... and fresh dates! Jim calles, Johnny includes... and one of these will acquire busty redhead Katie tonight?

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