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Looking for Love

There has ben qite some time since we had a truly good and complicated dating simulators among our games. And since you most likely already figured we've got one tonight - it'll be"Looking for Love" from"Lession of passion" studio! Here you'll play as guy named Luke. If not to find love that is true then to have a good fucking, his aims are. And he has a chocice inbetween super-cute girl from the store and hot gal . You as a participant will have a time limit of 50 days to do all possible to assist Luke to get laid with both of them and determine exactly what Luke will get in the end - . The town is big to research so may that you won't even see all the possible variations in only 1 walkthrough. For more dating simulators or any other genres of erotic and manga porn games don't forget to visit our website - !

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