Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.08)

This game has a name"Con-Quest!" For a motive. It will take place during the seminar of cosplayers which brings in the"Con-". You will have a mission which lightly could be known as a"Quest". And there will be an effort of some conquest which a few evil witch will attempt to accomplish by using her powers and egtting all of teh sexy cosplayers under her magic influence! And this mentioned earlier pursuit of yours will be to stop her evil plans from happenning... and to save all the uber-cute looking and sexy clad cosplayers ofcourse! In case the process of fighting possessed cosplayers you may occur todmagae their costumes afterward... you will got more hot content for your ingame gallery! Have fun and help everybody else you can in thsi fresh escapade game!

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Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.07)

Although you are gong to the Cosplay Convention but looks like you aren't egtting in time. Your companion (very uber-cute looking chick by the way) is waiting for you in the primary entrance doors. But who could knew being late may help save you both from being chased by some evil witch? As this is just what has occurred! And your staff will need to explore the halls of conventiuon center to battle all the possesed (yet still alluring appearing) cosplayers which will stand on your own way. During the struggle you might damage their outfits... Apart from you'll meet several characters tahtw ailing want your aid and will be ready help you in come back. Game combines cute and sexy artstyle using pursuit and rougelike components and adds to them turn based fights - you knwo you want to attempt it right now!

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