3D sex

Looking for Love

There has ben qite some time since we had a truly good and complicated simulators one of our games. And since you very likely already guessed we have one tonight - it will soon be"Looking for Love" from"Lession of passion" studio! Here you'll play as fellow named Luke. If not to discover love that is true at least to have a good fucking, his most important aims are. And he has a chocice inbetween adorable gal from the store and hot female . You as a participant will have a time limit of 50 times to do every thing possible to help Luke to get laid them with both and see exactly what Luke will get ultimately - love or anything different. The city is big to explore so can by you won't even see all the variations in just one walkthrough. For more dating simulators or any other genres of erotic and manga porn games don't leave behind to visit our site - we have plenty of them!

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